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“Everybody’s KUNG FU Fighting…” sung by Carl Douglass, is about KUNG FU, the ancient Chinese art! In the world of KUNG FU, fighting is not an unfamiliar word. Each fight, whether for justice or peace, represents the spirit and the very essence of KUNG FU. Although KUNG FU is rich in variations, styles and techniques, it adheres to the core principles of self-defense, continual improvements and harnessing one’s strength to become better and better.


“The Will to Fight!” comes with KUNG FU naturally, hence the brand “KUNG FU’ is created to fight alongside with you at all times. “KUNG FU” will punch away the pain, slams down body discomforts, and fight for excellent body fitness! The very carefully sourced traditional herbs and all natural ingredients formulation in “KUNG FU” series of products will definitely be worry-free to be used and powerful when applied. KUNG FU would be an excellent choice for body pain relief and overall health improvement.